With the support, leadership and guidance of Michael Kevehazi, who later became president and prominent leader of the Maccabi World Federation, Dr. János Gonda led the rebuilding of the club and became a member of the Maccabi World Federation that year. In fact, in 1989, the club’s athletes attended the first international event, the 13th Maccabi World Games (Maccabiah), the largest Jewish community and sports event in the world. Every four years, thousands of athletes from all over the world travel to Israel. After the 13th Maccabiah, the team entered several European Games (Amsterdam 1995, Scotland 1999). Since then, the Association has participated and represented Hungary in all World Games and Europe Games, and has also hosted the Maccabi Bridge European Championship and the General Assembly of the Maccabi Europe Federation. The Maccabi VAC’s second logo, which is already a clearly illustrates joining the Maccabi World Federation, contains one of the major symbols of Judaism, the Star of David.



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