Hundreds of athletes of both sexes played sports in the various divisions, and the number of members of the association reached 1,000. Due to our limited resources, it is not possible to recall the memory of every successful athlete and coach, but it should be noted that the association had held in equal importance the preparation and competitions of top athletes and educating young generations. The first headquarters of the VAC was a gymnasium in the school at 44 Wesselényi Street in the VII district. In this building was the secretary of the association. The second important establishment of the association was the Jewish High School of Abonyi Street, which was built in the thirties. This building houses a modern gym and sports ground. The first gymnastics teacher at the school was Zoltán Dückstein, who did a lot of physical education for young people outside the school. In 1933, the VAC basketball team won a silver medal in the Hungarian Championship! In the fifties, a member of this team and of the Hungarian national team was Klein Rudolf (Ralph Klein), who later played an outstanding role in the creation of Israeli basketball and became the legendary coach of Maccabi’s Tel Aviv team. The association joined the Maccabi World Federation. Like the Maccabi clubs around the world, the club considered keeping Jewish traditions a priority.


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