This September opened the special new temporary exhibit featuring Hungarian Jewish athletes. The Maccabi VAC, as well as providing the objects, shared multiple pieces of vital information and stories about the pieces. We hope in the next few months, many can come visit and see the objects on display. Next year, we plan on showing our full collection in Israel, as well as donating most of it to the Maccabi museum. 

The showcase provided a perfect and respectful environment for the remembrance of the Munich Olympics 40 years ago, where an act of terror was inflicted on 11 Israeli athletes. We learned that on that day in 1975, September 5th, the act of terror was not only against the Israeli athletes but against the principles of the Olympics; peaceful competition, friendship, and mutual respect. Zoltan Magyar, the Hungarian Olympics Vice President, as well as champion, opened the ceremony with a speech. 

We must strive to remember our fallen friends with symbols like freedom and democracy for the future generations, as opposed to evil and darkness.  

The Israeli athletes were killed because they were Israeli, and because their nationality was included in the games. We remember them at the Hungarian Jewish Museum as well. 

You can see in the pictures the lighting of the candles by Hungarian champions, leaders and Gyorgy Gedo, Hungarian Jewish champion at the Munich games. 

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