Each year the participating organizations set a goal in order to take part in the Fun Run Community and Charity Day. The goal is about what they want to achieve from the received donations. During the registration process the runners check the list of the participating organizations and their goals and then they choose which organization should receive their participation fee as a donation.

See the goals of the organizations in 2017 below: 



 The participation fee for Bálint House is given in full by the joy dance of Csupaszívek.
The joydance of Csupaszívek: It has been 10 years that one hour dance class is available for our mentally disabled young people at Bálintház. The afternoon program has been expanded for two years: before dancing there are creative, mostly gift-making handicrafts class. Participants are mostly 30-40 young people, 5-6 assistants and 15-20 parents . 


Benjamin ÓvodaThe Benjámin kindergarten intends to use their donations received in to organize more  kindergarten excursion.


3BetSalom  The Neolog / Conservative Synagogue, located in the 11th district, helps you reach your community and your own goal by receiving the donation.




EMIH’s  goal is to help as many children as to set summer camps and to get them involved with Sunday School in the next school year. In addition, it aims to finance Zstsz  lectures on weekdays starting next week.



The March of Life Foundation will run this year to expand the toolbox of Hungarian teachers. They would like to develop the work and tools of teachers working in our educational program from the amount of the entry fee.




The Frankel Synagogue is intended to provide as many applicants as possible to participate in a 3-generation autumn camp corporating with BBYO.




The Congregation of the Faith is a state-recognized Christian Church founded and centered in Hungary; A member of the Whitsun-Charismatic Movement, which inclundes around 600 million members worldwide. The Congregation of the Faith teaches the method of teaching of the Old and the New Testament, defines itself as the spiritual inheritor of the Reformation, and is today the most dynamically developing Christian community in Hungary.







The Israeli Cultural Institute hereby supports Tikkun Olam’s educational and volunteer program. As part of the program, participants can get insights into the work of civil organizations through the tools of informal education, listening to various Jewish themes and participating in a number of volunteer projects in Jewish and non-Jewish environments. The program ends with an Israeli road, followed by a large-scale project that supports the group of organizations that it chooses. Tikkun Olam’s last year’s participants with a show-off, concerts and slam poetry full-bodied charity bar helped the BAGázs Association work.



The Hillel Jewish Educational and Youth Center Foundation Budapest, Hungary is a non-profit organization serves the development of the Jewish life in Budapest. Their income is based on private donations and grants.





Its purpose is to support the Animal House that has been operating for many years. The amount spent is to be spent on renewal of the animal house, purchase and care of new animals. As the animal home is open air place, it is important to make the animals secure and protect animals from the rabies who seek victims during the night. 





Maccabi VAC is the only Jewish sporting association in Hungary with a view to sporting sport and the development of Jewish identity through sport. This year, he wants to support athletes participating in 2017 Maccabiah World Games at the registration fee.



  Hanoar Hazioni Hungary and Hasomer Hatzair Hungary is in one cooperation during this event in order to make  the implemention of youth programs, tradition and education our programs now need your support!



   Moishe Housewas founded in 2006 . It is an American-centered Jewish organization whose primary purpose is to provide community space for the Jewish youth of big cities. A non-profit organization helps to maintain an apartment / house where young people can organize their community life, as they are the most lively, with the guidance of the resident’s inhabitants.