The Maccabi VAC organised the Homokhat Hungaria Cup international orienteering race, with more than 2000 runners from 20 different countries, with the most from Poland and Russia. 

Monspart Sarolta, the first world champion and International Leisure Group president opened the race at 8pm. The runners had a chance to see the beautiful Szeged synagogue, which was a fantastic experience for all. 

We must mention the Israeli team, who were invited by the Maccabi VAC to run this special race. All their expenses, except for the airfare, was completely paid for. The organisers provided them with a comfortable stay at the 4-star Colosseum hotel, as well as all transportations. It’s no surprise that our friends returned home happy, satisfied and filled with lovely memories. 


We successfully planned such a large, high quality race, that it will most definitely be hard to top the next time. We hope that the Maccabi VAC will be remembered in the orienteering communities. 




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