The Maccabi VAC’s 18th cup was organised by our gymnastics department.

This was the third time we invited our Israeli friends as guests! 

This year, we organised the cup with 6 participating countries and almost 80 gymnasts. Ours is one of the largest women’s competitions. 

This was the first year we presented to our gymnasts the Maccabi VAC-Agnes Keleti cup, which was of great importance to our athletes. It was won this year by Nofar Cohen! 

Our competition is so widely liked due to our policy that even the substitutes have a chance to compete in the adult competitions. 

We achieved our goal in allowing our junior gymnasts to compete with the adults, which was a huge challenge. The main goal of the event was to spread the love of sports and raise acceptance towards sports culture. 

In honour of this event, all the athletes received proper equipment from the Maccabi VAC. 

Many of the Maccabi’s previously participated in Maccabiah too. 

The Maccabi VAC holds in high regard the years of 2011-2012, and plans to inspire the popularity of sports in all schools, as well as in the Scheiber and Lauder schools. 




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