Anno 1906.
Thursday, January 23, 2020
כ״ו בטבת ה׳תש״פ


Maccabiah is the biggest Jewish sporting event in the world. It is organized in every four year. More than 10 000 athletes take part in each Maccabiah. It is considered to be the fourth biggest sporting event in the world.

Maccabi VAC participates in the Maccabiah since 1989. The Hungarian sportsmen and delegation members are always excited to travel to Israel to meet more than 10000 athletes from 70 different countries. Junior, adult and veteran athletes, qualified hobby and top sportsmen gather together in the Maccabiah to compete in several different sports.

Maccabiah – more than a world championship!

Through sport our members get closer to the local and international Jewish community and actually to all the aspects of Judaism. Maccabiah is the positive outcome of expressing Jewish identity.

The most successful delegation in the history of Maccabi VAC participated in the Maccabiah in 2017. 

During the games the participants travel all around Israel and make friendships with other athletes coming from all over the world. Many activities, concerts and tours are provided to the delegation members. 

The athletes come home with positive Jewish identity and new energy. They always become more and more passionate and dedicated about their sport carrier and activity in Maccabi and the local Jewish community.  

Maccabiah is not only an international sports competition but a journey to our own culture that easily becomes the part of our future. 

Maccabi VAC firmly thinks that sport is a great tool to bring people closer to their Jewish identity. 

All the athletes who participate in the Maccabiah will be the ambassadors of the event, the Jewish sport life and the international Maccabi community.




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