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Maccabiah is the biggest Jewish sporting event in the world. Games are organised and held every four years. More than 10.000 athletes take part in each Maccabiah. It is considered to be the fourth biggest sporting event in the world.

Maccabi VAC has participated in the Maccabiah since 1989. The Hungarian athletes and delegation members are always excited to travel to Israel to meet more than 10.000 athletes from 70 different countries. Junior, adult and veteran athletes, qualified hobby and top sportsmen gather together in the Maccabiah to compete in several different sports.

Maccabiah – more than a world championship!

Our members have the opportunity to use sports to get closer to the local and international Jewish community as well as to all the aspects of Judaism. Maccabiah is a positive outcome of expressing Jewish identity.

The most successful delegation in the history of Maccabi VAC participated in the Maccabiah in 2017. 

During the games, the participants travel all around Israel and make friends with other athletes coming from all over the world. Many activities, concerts and tours are provided for the delegation members. 

The athletes come home with positive Jewish identity and  a renewed energy. They always become more and more passionate and dedicated about their athletic carreer and activities in Maccabi and the local Jewish community.  

Maccabiah is not only an international sports competition, but a journey exploring our own culture and history, which inspires our bright future.

Maccabi VAC is passionate about sports being a great tool to bring people closer and more in touch with their Jewish identity. 

All the athletes who participate in the Maccabiah will be the ambassadors of the event, the Jewish sport life and the international Maccabi community.

As of now, Maccabi VAC Hungary is the only Jewish sports club in Hungary. The purpose of the association is to love sport and to develop Jewish identity through sport.

The club has a great number of divisions for different age groups! In addition to sports, the association pays special attention to organizing community events on a regular basis, where children and adults alike enjoy playing different sports or other activities outdoors. We organize sports competitions, championships, shows and festivities throughout the year, engaging families in Jewish athletics.

Jewish athletes have the opportunity to participate in international sports events through the association, such as the Maccabi World Games, which take place every four years in Israel, or the European Maccabi Games, which gives other European countries each a chance to host.

The number of members of Maccabi VAC Hungary is constantly expanding, so if you are interested in how you can take part in our programs, please write to us at