Each year, the organizations set an individual organizational goal, which they take part in the event. Support from registration fees is used by organizations to achieve their individual goals.

Choose which organization we will award your Maccabi Fun Run entry fee to in 2022!



Bálint Ház






Benjámin óvoda





Bét Sálom

Located in the 11th district, the Bolognese Neologist Synagogue will help you reach your community and your donations.




United Hungarian Jewish Community




Frankel Synagogue




The Faith Church is a state-recognized Christian church founded and headquartered in Hungary; a member of the Pentecostal charismatic movement, which has some 600 million members worldwide. The Church of Faith, which fully embraces and teaches the teachings of the Old and New Testaments, identifies itself as the spiritual heir of the Reformation, the most dynamically developing Christian community in Hungary today.



Maccabi VAC is the only Jewish sports association in Hungary whose goal is to love sports and develop their Jewish identity through sports. In 2018, he will use the Michael Keveházi Athlete Award to donate donations to support the sports career of talented Jewish youth.