Our hiking club was re-established in 2015. We are planning hiking in many wonderful forests, mountains and places famous for its natural beauty. All our tours are organized on Sunday and planned after the holidays in autumn, after Hanukkah in winter and after Purim in spring. 

In every tour we commemorate one of the famous Hungarian athletes we can be proud of: Petschauer Attila, Kronberger Lili, Elek Ilona, Hajós Guttman Alfréd, Garai János, Gerde Oszkár, Kabos Endre, Aschner Lipót, Braun József, Keleti Ágnes, Barna Viktor, Szabados Miklós or Sipos Anna.

If you gladly join the next hiking or you have any questions please contact the tour leader:  

Enten Szilvia